1. Recruitment and selection of Temporary and Permanent of Affirmative Action and people with disabilities from:

  • Executive Professionals/Managers
  • Technical Specialists/Engineering
  • Financial
  • MIS/IT/Data Processing
  • Office Support Administrative Personnel
  • Secretaries/Personal Assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Call Centre Operators
  • Labour Broking
2. Career pathing and career assessment, promotion and training suitability.
3. Leadership, management and sales ability.
4. Personality and interests analysis.
5. Basic intelligence and general ability.
6. Aptitudes skills, values and motivation.
7. Organizational and team development surveys.
8. Mental and emotional health analysis.
9. Advertising and response handling services


  • Confidentiality
    Your vacancies advertised widely. Publications in use are Sowetan, The Star, The Sunday Times, The Citizen, City Press and where necessary Network with other Employment Agencies.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae and reference personally checked for each applicant forwarded.
  • A professional screening and testing service.
  • A temporary service division “you pay only for the hours worked"
  • No fee to pay unless the person introduced is engaged.
  • Guaranteed after service for all placements made with the client.
  • Provide the necessary design and expertise to meet client needs.
  • We use the services of professional associates to assist, where necessary use scientifically reliable instruments - only registered psychologists administer assessments
  • Our service maximize human resource development and minimize human resource risks - especially in recruitment, selection and career pathing.
  • Our services reduce human resources costs - especially in inappropriate training.
  • Our services raise productivity and thereby generate more income.
  • Medical examination where required.


Our Employment Equity Policy plans to end inequality, eliminate discrimination and to be used as a pro-active tool to overcome any barriers to equal opportunity. At the same time it will increase opportunity for all previously disadvantaged groups..


Zee recruitment agency has an active programme to recruit Affirmative Action candidates. We are fortunate in that being a black owned company we have attracted mostly affirmative action candidates on our database ensuring that we meet the highest standards of recruitment practice currently in existence.


A Cleaning Services company was established in 1998 to create employment for people who are willing to work, but cannot find work due to being illiterate. This we felt will give these people the privilege not only to put food on the table but also to contribute towards the growth of the economy. Being able to provide for themselves and their families also restores their dignity.

Yearly our company donates to Sanfield Homes, St Giles Association, Lifeline and Concerned Professional Women Forum (CPWF) are on our social responsibility programme. We hope to increase our list with six (6) more institutions including HIV/Aids homes by year 2009.


1.PIKITUP Panorama Composting
Tel: (011) 675 – 0356
Fax: (011) 675 - 0356
Contact Person: Henry Lloyd

2.PIKITUP Waterval
Tel: (011) 712 5200
Fax: (011) 712 - 5200
Contact Person: Eddie Makhubela

3.PIKITUP Southdale
Tel: (011) 712 5200
Fax: (011) 712 – 5200
Contact Person: Attie Boshoff

Tel: (011) 879 2017
Fax: (011) 879 2302
Contact Person: Bongi Thwala

5.Phakisa World Fleet Solutions (Avis)
Tel: (011) 387 8393
Contact Person: Erica Nijs